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The evolution of social networks for business is impressive, what seemed like a fad has become a key tool. The continued growth of Environment 2.0 in private lives, is entering increasingly in the world of business. Any company worth its salt, has dedicated part of its structure to maintain their profiles on social networks, either internally or externally i.e by hiring professionals.
Naturally, small businesses do not have endless budgets or the usual in house professionals like large companies, therefore usually a few steps behind as far as marketing is concerned. However, proof that Digital Marketing is now totally mainstream is that virtually all small businesses use it, either through social networks, display ads or email campaigns.
Specifically, 71% believe that digital tools helped to attract new consumers, well above the 43% who also believes that they helped build a stronger relationship with existing customers. This may indicate that many small businesses are not exploiting the full potential of digital media for customer retention and loyalty. Other advantages are that it provides feedback from customers in real time (35%),provides an effective and affordable way to manage elements of the business, all which help to grow the business efficiently (32%)
Social media marketing is a key tool for small businesses, without doubt, the dominant position of social networks, which use 3 in 4 respondents (especially Facebook). Site reviews and SEM campaigns are also relatively common, with 48% of SMEs use each of these tools.
Social networks and standards to apply to business
In this migration, we talk about four basic rules that apply to Social Media Marketing for Business.
Knowing both the target audience and the sectors in which you operate. This will help to streamline your campaigns by delivering the desired content to the right people.

No need to be present in all existing social networks, be aware as to where your activity is more “enhanced”.
Studying the competition can be very interesting and insightful, do your research.
Having messages and attractive content, products, services, offers and instant promotions, keep in mind that the activity on these platforms is constant.
Be clear and concise in all publications, simple and easy with a high dose of credibility.
The importance of social media marketing for your business.
With little investment it can be a great impact on customers.

The cost per click is very low compared to other advertising formats.

In search advertising is most likely to last a few weeks, however in networks at least one month.
They have more means to segment and find your target audience because you can create specific campaigns depending on demographic and socio-demographic data such as gender, age, interests, business experience, etc.
Social networks offer us greater flexibility of ad formats. It can be visual, written, video or simple text ads and most of them are shown in the same spaces in which users interact.
Detailed real time analytics from your posts to help you evaluate results to improve future campaigns.

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