I recall the excitement and delight I felt upon receiving the confirmation “Salford City Unison would like to meet regarding a re-design of their current website” inevitably followed by a brief but intense rush of anxiety. The feelings of anxiousness derive from a simple question I subconsciously ask myself at the prospect of any new client,”can you deliver their requirements?” This isn’t a question taken lightly among any good and honest business who are in it for the long term and not one that can be answered till you know all the facts.

After a warm and detailed first meet with Salford City Unison’s Communications officers Magda & Andrew my attention was drawn to the unique nature of the challenge that lay ahead. Aside from design requirements Unison’s work was a sector in which I held little previous experience, this put me at an immediate handicap. For myself to design a work worthy of this high profile client or any client for that matter, I must be driven by at least an element of passion for their cause, I’m engrossed by politics and a self proclaimed first class political critique however what do I really know about the trade union movement and in particular Unison?


It did not take much research to get an understanding of Unison’s cause and the amazing work this organisation executes with relatively little public recognition and funding. My findings were more than enough to invoke a passion for this project and desire to help generate awareness for Salford City Unison in their community and their commendable plight. There was something almost immediately obvious after meeting with Staff and officers of Salford City Unison, which is, there’s a general feeling this is driven by love rather than money and I can certainly relate to that. This was more than enough evidence I needed to deliver the honest answer to myself and my client Q: Can you deliver?”  A: “Yes I Can”.

My intention was to design a website which stayed true to the underlying philosophy of Salford Unison and the amazing people that run it, a modern more functional design which carries the inherent dignity from the roots of its arduous heritage, sounds simple eh?

The Salford city unison project truly was a journey not just a sub header in a blog post but a true journey that will stay with me forever. I met with selfless salt of the earth people that have influenced positive changes which have affected myself, my family and community without even my knowledge of their influence let alone my thanks.


I would like to thank Salford City Unison not only for allowing Northside Creative to undertake their exciting project but also for the outstanding work they do throughout the country for the community, the public sector and its employees. You have our ongoing support.



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